The Silicon Group

Silicon Group Ltd. is a name attached to high-quality and secure logistics services nationwide. We serve the Canada and USA. We work with businesses for their hauling needs. Over the years, we’ve expanded our logistic services to accommodate cross-country demands between Canada and the USA. Lot of businesses in both countries trust our logistic services.

We are fully equipped to handle both fragile and time-sensitive shipments. Silicon Group is the logistics partner you need today! Let’s help put a smile on your face! 

partial truck load

Silicon Group Ltd. provides the opportunity to shippers for their partial truckload When they don’t have to ship as a FTL. We make sure our professional team provides a prompt delivery timeline for your partial freight.

No matter whether it’s FTL or partial truckload we provide the best in class service.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Many companies have trusted our FTL services for years. Silicon Group Ltd. provides the best-in-class shipping equipment and team for hauling full truck loads.

At Silicon Group Ltd, we coordinate nationwide and cross-country FTL orders for businesses of all scales and sizes. We are one of the fastest-growing FTL companies in Canada.

Less-then-full Truck Load (LTL)

We’ve helped growing businesses with their LTL shipments. We’ve offered this freight service to businesses in the last few years providing more cost-effective solutions.

With our LTL services, we’ve presented an opportunity for growing businesses to send less than a full load. Silicon Group Ltd we treat all shipments regardless of the weight or pallet equally. Trust us for your time-sensitive and secure LTL services today. 


What Makes Silicon Group LTD The
Best Option?

Expedite Shipments

We're known in north America for facilitating prompt and secure shipments including Expedite Shipments to our customers.

Time-sensitive Shipments

Silicon Group Ltd. recognize the urgency with time sensitive shipments so we put great care to make sure your time sensitive shipments deliver on time.

24/7 Dispatch Available

We run a 24/7 dispatch team to facilitate the logistic operations. Silicon Group Ltd is equipped with modern softwares to coordinate dispatch and other operations.

Satellite Tracked Equipment

Silicon Group has invested in satellite tracking trucks and freight equipment for real-time tracking and better road freight management.

Logistics and Warehousing

We provide global standards warehousing and logistics solutions designed to secure fragile and sensitive materials.

Our Services

Freight Consultation

Silicon Group Ltd provides solution-driven freight consultancy services that target business shipping needs. We help companies and businesses move their shipments and take advantage of better innovative opportunities in the freight and logistics industry. Silicon Group provides top-shelf freight consultation with the expertise to help businesses make better decisions.

We offer custom pricing analysis to businesses looking to get tailored freight solutions.

Air Freight Management

We’re a trusted partner for your secure air cargo pick-up and drop.

We have a professional team that make sure the process of secured airport facility pickup and delivery goes safe and smooth.

Road Freight Management

We’ve acquired state-of-the-art tracking technology for all freight shipments. We use this tech to the client’s advantage to help the driver map out time-effective routes during transports. Silicon Group has a track record of making accelerated deliveries.

We have an extensive network of secure, accessible, routes for our logistics transportation. Silicon Group Ltd. is widely known in North American regions as one of the safest cross-country road freight company.

Ocean Freight & Supply Chain Management

Our ocean freight services cover seaport pick and drop. We have an extensive network across major ports of Canada and The United States. 

Silicon Group invests in the best supply chain optimization software to help businesses to track their shipments and loads. Our goal is to help you create a custom supply chain management strategy tailored for the transport of your goods. These services are readily available for both medium-scale and SME businesses. 

Various Options For Logistics & Transportation

At Silicon Group, we provide a wide range of logistics and transportation choices that are ideal for your companies needs. You can always rely on us for dependable, efficient, and accessible transportation services, all across Canada and US.

Freight Consultation & Management

An essential component of our services is a thorough assessment of the cargo and commodities before we offer any recommendations for practical, flexible solutions. We use a sophisticated tracking system for all the freight services we provide, allowing our qualified staff to ensure that the items are appropriately tracked.

Solutions for Personalized Storage
Warehousing Solutions

Silicon Group Ltd. is the one-stop shop for quality, high-demand, and secure warehousing solutions. Our warehousing services come with storage and cross-docking solutions. 

Silicon Group Ltd. can store and cross dock your loads and then ships your freight or goods to the right destinations. Operating by global standards, we’ve invested in the best equipment for warehousing.



"Great team of professionals, have been working with them for many years!"

- John

"Best trucking company in Ontario to work with."

- Gurpartap Kalsi